Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rock the Sound

Last night had an impact on me in more ways than one. I managed to drive all the way to Bridgeport and back without incident, yet tripped over a curb and fell on the sidewalk. Thankfully I didn’t hit the sign, or break anything, just lost a few layers of skin and got a nice bruise on my knee, which was pretty embarassing as I limped into the arena. Given the recent tragedy on that road on Friday, and the storm Noel passing through we were grateful for a safe drive. But the main impact of the evening came in a safer setting….

Five of us went to Rock the Sound last night. It’s a concert that featured 5 different well- known Christian bands, five hours of music, and since its called ROCK the Sound, you can imagine the decibal level. Yes, I brought ear plugs. The seats were great, we were centered, looking right at the stage, the first row of seats above the floor. Of course, there were big screens, so you saw everything no matter where you were.

The first group, Storyside B, was ok. The second group was Grits, which was supposed to be a hip hop rap dance type genre, but I just didn’t get. It seems all they did was hype and noise, and I could hardly get anything out of any lyrics. They just were not my cup of tea. Not that my mind is closed to that style, last year I saw TobyMac, and loved it. Yes, I needed my earplugs. Next up was Skillet, which is VERY loud and rocky and has all the hype and head shaking of your typical rock band, with some lyrics that were about the Lord. One number was quieter and I realized they are pretty good, but most of the time the volume and the rest of the songs were more screaming than singing, and lots of theatrics. The kids loved it. I wore the earplugs.

Next was a powerful drama set to music, which had everyone in tears, followed by a genuine young man giving an altar call. The presence of God was all over that time. Many people responded, and I realized again that it takes all kinds of events to reach all kinds of people. Even though most of the music was not something I would listen to, it brought people there that needed to hear about God’s love for them, and gave them an opportunity to respond. So regardless of what I think about certain artists, God used the event.

Jars of Clay was fun, not too loud to enjoy. But the time that impacted me the most was when Jeremy Camp was on stage. I’ll admit to going just because he was there, his music helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Yes, he had the lights and the rock sound, but in every song, you clearly saw God. He has been through so much, and shared some of his testimony, his daily struggles, and what he is reading in the Word. He was so genuine and has a passion for the Lord. We were at a rock concert, and the focus was not the artist or the music, but the Lord. It was a time of worship. The Lord is all over that young man’s life, and God’s anointing is all over his music and his message. It made me want that in my own life.

This man has a gift. I found myself marveling over God’s presence in his life, and wishing for that same anointing in my own. Then it was as if God whispered to me, “You are not going to find that anointing in the classroom, but in My presence.” That was the message I went all the way to Bridgeport to hear. Yes, I will be finishing up my associates degree this summer, but the classes are not what will make me a better writer. It’s God’s presence, working in and through my everyday life, that will make a difference.

I don’t know about you, but when people look at my life, I don’t want them to say “Eh, it’s OK…”
I don’t want them to have to get through the hype and the noise to find Him. I want them to see His presence clearly in my life, and the difference He makes. I want my life to shine for Him. I know it doesn’t always, but He is faithful to send along little reminders to help me adjust my focus. Even in the middle of a rock concert…. 11/4/2007


Kathy said...

Hi Cheryl,
I enjoyed this post about the concert and about wanting that annointing from God.

Lori said...

I so agree with this. I am glad you made it to concert and home safely.