Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life Verse

In high school, I took a Bible as Literature class at good old Griswold High School. One of our assignments was to come up with our life verse. The one I selected was Romans 8:28.

 28 And we know that God causes everything to work together[b] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. (NLT)

My life hasn't always been smooth. At 15, my folks got divorced. That was the year I got saved and my life changed forever! Then I was married at 18, and the first 5 years were pretty rough as Scott struggled with addictions that I didn't realize had a hold on him. Circumstances have not always been good! But, both of my parents have accepted the Lord and are on good speaking terms with each other, that is a testimony in itself. 
And we celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary this year, which is a miracle, since I had people telling me to divorce him in those early years. I held on because I knew the man of God he was and would be...

Sometimes things we don't understand happen to us. No matter what we go through, know that God is with you, and has the master plan. In the big things, and in the little things.

Just an example of the little things... Last week my car overheated, and I made an emergency stop at a local garage to get it checked. They kept it overnight and had me on the road the next day, but it wasn't really fixed! I had the car towed back in. I claimed Deut.28:6 for my car, and decided not to worry. 

 “Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.

 A week later, and I NEED my car to get around, and I wasn't even hearing from them, I had to keep calling to even get a quote. I kept trying to walk in peace and not fret, and kept giving it to the Lord. The quote seemed really high and I didn't feel at peace about getting it done there, due to the length of time it was there and the non-communication issues. I picked it up this morning, and prayed as I drove it to my garage to have it fixed. I made it there without incident. I expected to be out of pocket for the original $168 repair bill to replace a thermostat, and maybe get charged extra for diagnostic charges, but when I got there, I was given a zero balance due bill, recommended repairs list to give to my mechanic, and a refund check, since they hadn't fixed my problem. That is grace!  Sometimes it is hard to keep your peace when your flesh wants to throw a hissy fit over poor communications or speed of service or incompetence (like when it took a month to get my "stolen" check money returned) but we need to think "How does our attitude reflect on the Lord?"  I chose to be polite and respectful in my dealings with this garage, and they graciously refunded my money without me even suggesting it or expecting it. Thank you Lord!

Thankfully Rebekah loaned me her car so I can make my usual commitments and appointments I had this week, and my mom has been shuttling me to and from the garage as needed. The car is with a mechanic we trust and it shall be fixed and running in due time. That's life, things happen, cars break, expenses come up. We can either react and worry or trust and believe. Trusting is a lot easier on your emotions, to realize God has your back and no amount of worrying will add a moment to your life or reduce a day off your garage stay... 

God is so good, keep looking for and expecting His goodness to show up in your life. And take time to be that goodness in someone else's life today!

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