Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Twelve in all

This morning I was reading in

1 Chronicles 24-26:11. 

It seemed like pretty dry stuff. David organized the priests, and listed 24 of them, then he organized the Levites. Next he organized the musicians, then the gatekeepers.

25:8 They cast lots to determine their responsibilities—oldest as well as youngest, teacher as well as student.
The first lot went to Asaph’s son Joseph and his relatives and sons—twelve in all, the second to Gedaliah and his relatives and sons—twelve in all,

I tend to think of these passages and wonder what benefit we get from them as New Testament Christians. Obviously it was important to record the history of the nation Israel, but what can we learn from it today?

Number 1- Even in church, organization and communication are important. David communicated a very clear plan of who did what so the temple was an organized and peaceful place. He appointed musicians to play and even prophesy on the harp. The Levites and gatekeepers had their own specific role.

Number 2- Even the people who weren't specifically named were important. They may have been mentioned as a twelve in all... Gedaliah and his relatives and sons—twelve in all but they were none the less important to the smooth operation of God's house.

You may be a gatekeeper, handing out the bulletins as people walk into church. You may be the one who comes and cleans the bathrooms. You may be a musician, or someone new who hasn't quite found their way to serve yet. But God sees you, He hears you, you are important to Him, and to those around you.

26:8 All these were the descendants of Obed-Edom. They and their sons and relatives were respected men, capable of doing their responsibilities. 

When we come with a heart willing to serve, we often learn on the job! If we are available, He can make us capable of doing what He calls us to do... We each have talents and passions and gifts that bring something special to His temple. Sometimes you may feel like one of the unmentioned listed as "twelve in all". But remember, it takes more than one instrument to play a symphony. Your part is important, and when it is missing, the song is not quite as good. You matter!

Be there. Play your part. Enjoy the music!

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